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Quero thick pole, cold

Is there anything more beautiful than standing beneath a luxuriant shower and feeling the water on your skin like warm summer rain! This series of garden showers was created in spring 2005 to meet the following specifications:

  1. A garden shower for a lifetime – design appropriate for the material and of lasting value.
  2. Luxuriant showering with a soft and generous stream of water.
  3. The garden shower of your dreams.

Both shower station and shower head are manufactured in my workshop in small series. What makes this shower extraordinary is its rounded lower side that resembles a watering can, giving you the experience of standing under a gentle rain.

The garden shower is ideal for sauna, pool and spa area. The shower head is also perfect for installation in any bathroom and provides for optimum shower pleasure. You can connect the shower to a garden hose using a Gardena connector. The garden shower can also be permanently fitted from below with a ¾ inch thread.

In case the shower head becomes scaled, screw it off and leave it to soak in a vinegar/water mixture overnight. And then it’s as good as new again.

Detail information

Total height 230 cm
Shower station Angular, with thick pole, 10 x 10 cm, height 120 cm plus tap
Shower head Quero Length 60 cm
Base plate Angular 16 cm x 16 cm or round Ø 16 cm
Material Stainless steel, brushed
Accessories 4 stainless steel screws for fastening
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