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Tao II

Water as a symbol of the ever-turning circle of life, is represented here in its most reduced form. Under high pressure the water is pumped through two ascending pipes into the upper container, and calmed using a sophisticated serpentine system. With this technique it is possible for the water to cascade down the slide with a totally smooth flow. 

Two thin rods along the edges ensure that the plummeting water expands across the entire width of the container and the vast amount of 6,000 litres of water an hour falls gently into the basin without a splash. The sight of this fascinating water spectacle will never fail to captivate you, soothe your senses and draw your attention to the space beyond the glistening curtain. Right there, in the magic area just behind the water curtain is the perfect spot for displaying flowers, your company logo or a product, illuminated by a spotlight. Any presented object is upgraded in its aesthetical value.

Tao II is available with a row of flowers and two candle holders or a display stand made of transparent acrylic glass (5mm).

Further information

Material Stainless steel, welded and polished
Basin 28 x 60 x 75 cm
Height 120 cm
Pump 110 W, 6,000 l/h, 5 years guarantee
Capacity 120 litres of distilled water

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