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Waterfall I-III

The water collects at the highest point of the water feature and plunges unhindered down a stretched arch structure. Acrylic glass guidance rods keep the water to where it is required. Holes at the end of the track slow down the flow of water and guide it back into a square basin. 

The water feature, created in 1998, is available in three different sizes. What makes it particularly outstanding is its clear and elegant design.

Further information

Fountain W I W II W III
Basin 40 x 40 x 25 cm 50 x 70 x 25 cm 70 x 70 x 27 cm
Height 210 cm 250 cm 315 cm
Pump 55 W, 3,000 l/h 55 W, 3,000 l/h 65 W, 4,000 l/h

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