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Mekong II

The water runs silently across the level surface before pouring into the basin as a transparent film without splashing.

The waterfall feature Mekong Wall II was developed for a garden with a clear design. The water feature feeds the pond or pool in the form of a transparent curtain of water. Water is pumped into the container at high pressure and calmed using an internal serpentine system which causes it to pour off the rounded metal rim forming a transparent film of water totally free of turbulence.

The optimum fall height of the outdoor water feature Mekong II is maximally 60 cm. The wider the waterfall, the more important it is to keep to the right dimension. Two rods down the sides ensure that the curtain of water does not taper towards the bottom. Vast amounts of water are in circulation; with a width of 50 cm, it requires 6,000 l/h.

Mekong Wall II is also available with lighting. It is available in four standard widths and can also be custom-made with a maximum width of 300 cm. The entire container is manufactured in stainless steel and is available both in the wall version and in the free-standing column-holder version.

You can also buy the Mekong waterfall separately without the rusty metal rear wall. You either mount the water feature on top or into a stone wall or screw it onto a concrete wall. The container has a ¾ inch fitting in the back for connecting to the water supply.

Further information

Dimensions Waterfall 25 cm: Rusty metal wall width 50 cm, height 125 cm, depth 8 cm
Waterfall 50 cm: Rusty metal wall width 75 cm, height 125 cm, depth 8 cm
Waterfall 75 cm: Rusty metal wall width 100 cm, height 125 cm, depth 8 cm
Waterfall 125 cm: Rusty metal wall width 100 cm, height 125 cm, depth 8 cm
Material waterfall Stainless steel, welded, polished
Material rear wall Rusty iron, matt finish or stainless steel welded, polished
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