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This illusion object of timeless beauty will never cease to fascinate you. A true eye-catcher, it is a focal point to rest your eyes and, at the same time, a humidifier, which gives the indoor climate a pleasant atmosphere. Also brilliantly suited for exhibitions, trade fairs or shop window displays. The water tap is made of chased copper and manufactured in high-quality handicraft. It is available in bronzed or chromed copper. This object has been manufactured in my workshop since 1983 and has become a classic in the truest sense of the word. Each item is signed and provided with year and serial number.

It is also available with illuminated water jet.

Further information

Water Tap small Water Tap medium Water Tap large
Height 100 cm 235 cm 310 cm
Material Water tap polished brass or chromed brass, bucket copper or stainless steel, ø 30 cm, height 33 cm,
acrylic glass tube ø 1.5 cm
Water tap bronzed copper or chromed copper, bucket copper or stainless steel, ø 50 cm, height 50 cm, acrylic glass tube ø 4 cm Water tap bronze cast bronzed basin stainless steel polished 60 x 60, height 50 cm,
acrylic glass tube ø 8 cm
Pump Pump 8 W, 730 l/h, capacity 10 litres of water Pump 40 W, 3,000 l/h, capacity 40 litres of water Pump 6,000 l/h, capacity 50 litres of water
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