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Sparkling water pours slowly down a stretched mesh of stainless steel, creating waves as it moves downward. The water wall has ameditative power which is calming and refreshing at the same time.

Zen was designed for use as a room divider in offices, hotels or spa areas. It is available in the standard measurements: height 225 cm and width 70, 120 or 150 cm.

But it can be manufactured in any dimension you require.

Further information

Zen I Zen II Zen III
Basin 70 x 30 cm 120 x 30 cm 150 x 30 cm
Height 225 cm 225 cm 225 cm
Pump 30 W, 3,000 l/h 60 W, 4,000 l/h 85 W, 5,000 l/h
Capacity 55 litres of water 90 litres of water 120 litres of water
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